Case Title: Courts on its own motion CWPIL No. 3, 2020

The State government was asked by the Himachal Pradesh High Court earlier this week to place the action proposed on record to be taken to help or readapt the children who have lost their parents or even one parent and have been orphaned due to Covid.

The State government was also asked by the bench of Justice Jyotsna Rewal Dua and Acting Chief Justice Ravi Malimath to take more strict actions to tackle Covid situations.

A Public Interest Litigation along with some other petitions that were filed that alleged the inadequate facilities and infrastructure for dealing with Covid in the state was being heard by the Court.

While hearing the matter, the Court was informed of the fact that that labour is likely to be infused in the Himachal Pradesh State because of the imminent apple harvesting season, which has been stated partly and would continue till October-November of this year.

Thus, the concern about the apple plucking season was notified to the Court that it may act as a catalyzer for the spread of Covid.

The Senior Additional Advocate, to this effect, submitted that additional efforts and attempts would be put in those districts, in which the Apple harvesting would occur. He also assured that extra care would be taken to ensure that the labour entering Himachal Pradesh for the same purpose is vaccinated with the resources available in the State.

Further, before the Court, it was also submitted that in order to the decision taken by the State Government, it would be allowed to all tourists to enter the Himachal Pradesh State only when they have a negative Covid test report or a certificate showing one/two shots of vaccine taken by them.

The Court stated, “More rigorous measures by the State in upcoming days would be taken keeping in mind the occurring situation. Further efforts to be made by the State would be brought to the Court’s notice on the next date”.

It was also directed by the Court that the Additional Advocate General is requested to place on record the material in accordance with the children that have turned orphan or have lost one parent due to Covid and further what actions have been taken by the State in order to rehabilitate these children.

Earlier, the District Commissioner of all state districts sought a response to the Himachal Pradesh High Court to provide the details of the medical facilities available in each district and also on doctor’s number and staff posts of paramedical in the districts.

This article has been written by Ayeza Faridi


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