In the case titled Maya Devi v. the State of Rajasthan, the order was given by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Satish Kumar Sharma in which the petitioners were represented by Mr. Krishan Chander Sharma and the respondents were represented by Mr. C.G Chopra who is a Public Prosecutor.

Brief facts are that the petition has been filed under Section 482 Cr.P.C. for the protection of the life and personal liberty of the petitioners. The petitioner is a married lady but she has been compelled to leave her matrimonial house. At present, she is living with petitioner No.2. The private respondents and others are not happy with their relationship and they are threatening the petitioners. Given that their life and liberty is in danger, police protection may be granted to them.

Rajasthan High Court opined that “It is well settled legal position as expounded by the Division Bench of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court in Smt. Aneeta. v. State of UP that live-in relationship cannot be at the cost of the social fabric of this country, and directing the police to grant protection may indirectly give our assent to such illicit relations.”

Further, the court added that “In view of the above legal position, the prayer for granting police protection is rejected, however, in case any offense is committed with the petitioners they are at liberty to lodge FIR in a concerned police station or may take available legal recourse.”

The petition was accordingly dismissed.

This news article has been written by Abhilasha S G


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