In October the vacancy percentage of the Rajasthan high court was more than 50 per cent as the High court had only 23 judges out of a sanctioned strength of 50 judges so the centre had notified the appointment of five new judges of the Rajasthan high court they are:

1)Vinod Kumar  Bharwani

2)Madan Gopal Vyas

3) Sudesh Bansal

4) Farzand Ali

5) Anoop Kumar Dhand

Madan Gopal Vyas and Vinod Kumar Bharwani are judicial officers  Anoop Kumar Dhand, Sudesh Bansal and Farzand Ali are lawyers

The names of all except Ali were recommended for appointment by the Supreme Court Collegium on September 1, 2021. The name of Farzand Ali was first recommended by the Collegium in July 2019. It was reiterated on September 2021.


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