The Shamli Police in Uttar Pradesh (UP) was chastised by the Delhi High Court on Thursday for arresting two males linked to a man who had married a woman against her family’s desires.

The guys were allegedly arrested in Delhi without adequate verification of the woman’s age, prompting the UP Police to be cautioned by the High Court.

“You go ahead and arrest them without asking their age,” Justice Mukta Gupta observed, slamming the Station House Officer (SHO). Isn’t her word going to prevail if she’s a major?

The SHO stated that the males were not detained in Delhi in response to a question from the Court, causing the Court to issue a warning to the UP police.

“I’m going to collect all of the CCTV, and if I discover that they were arrested here, I’m going to order a departmental investigation,” the Court added.

The Court declared, “Yahan Dilli main nahi chalega.” (This will not be tolerated in Delhi.)

The two males were allegedly apprehended by the Shamli Police in Uttar Pradesh in August 2021 after a complaint from the woman’s family. The two males were related to the man who had moved Court with the woman.

The Court had previously issued a notice to the Shamli Police SHO via Delhi Police. The Delhi Police indicated in a status report that it had received no notification from its equivalent in Uttar Pradesh, despite the fact that the men were apparently hauled away from Delhi.

According to the Shamli First Information Report, the woman was found to be 21 years old.

The Court voiced its concern, asking Shamli Police SHO why the woman’s age was not verified and the males were hauled away only on the basis of the woman’s family members’ statements.

“You didn’t even check to see if she’s a major?” the Court inquired.

The Court summoned the woman’s family after failing to receive a clear explanation from them regarding the woman’s age. They were warned that if there was any mischief on their side, they would face legal action.

“Wo baalig hai.. Uski marzi.. Ye jo aapne kaam Kiya ye 100 per cent illegal hai. Padhiye. isme likha toh hai umar 21 saal (She is a major. What you have done is 100 percent illegal. Read this (refers to the FIR). It says age 21),” the Court remarked.

Following that, the Court ordered the SHO of Shamli Police to record the statement revealing the woman’s age and present it to a local court in UP so that the guys might be granted bail. The woman’s statement was ordered to be recorded on the premises of the Delhi High Court.

“I’d like to have CCTV installed. If I see UP cops approaching, I’ll take action. This will not be tolerated. You are not permitted to engage in illegal activities in this area “added the Court.


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