One Utkarsh Mishra raised his concerns over the religious gathering in the middle of increasing cases of COVID in the country.

He applied to the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad stating that Religious congregations can be responsible for a widespread disease as seen in the last two years.

He asked the court to limit the number of people during Prayagraj Maha Mela as several devotees are used to taking a dip in the holy river Ganga on an auspicious day.

He prayed to the court to allow only Akharas sages to take a dip.

It is pertinent to mention here that the major footfall of the devotees in the Mela takes place on these auspicious dates. …Because allowing the seers of ‘Akharas’ to take holy dip on the dates of Shahi Snan will prevent the huge turn up of the devotees anticipated on these auspicious dates,” He added in his plea.

The plea also asked for an RT-PCR test of the person who is going to take part in the Mela.

He mentioned that How Maha Kumbh Haridwar which occurred on the second wave of COVID increased the number of infections among masses as they had taken infection with themselves and spread that in their native places

“Holding of such a large scale event in the wake of Covid-19 third wave is putting the residents of Prayagraj as well as Uttar Pradesh at unnecessary risk and the Magh Mela event is of great religious importance and all the preparations i.e. setting up of camps, electricity, water, and sanitation has already been done and thus calling off the religious event is not desirable at this high time,” the plea stated.

This news article has been written by Charu Sharma.


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