In view of increasing cases of COVID-19, the High Court of Himachal Pradesh had issued instructions concerning its functioning and that of the district courts.

The high court stated that the district court’s where winter vacations are scheduled between 17th of January and 12th of February staff thereof shall be placed in such a manner that 50% will be working and others will avail leave under the special clause.

In the summer sites, 50% of staff will work on a rotational basis on each working day and others will work from home but they can not leave their station and have to assure their availability in case of the requirements.

The HC relaxed the disposal of cases by judicial officers to 50% till further order. The district and sessions court has to ensure social distancing by monitoring the listing of cases.

The district and sessions courts judicial officers are directed by HC to have meetings with the President of the bar council in their respective sessions and district court about complete vaccination and with the district medical officer to achieve this goal.

Wearing marks in court premises was made mandatory and entry in the court premises will be allowed only after checking the temperature.

This news article has been written by Charu Sharma.


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