The debate about wearing a hijab to a college in Karnataka has approached the courts, with a Muslim girl filing a case in the Karnataka High Court, claiming that the college is stereotyping her and fellow female Muslim students by barring them admittance on the basis of their hijab-wearing.
Resham Farooq, who was represented by her brother Mubarak Farooq, filed the writ petition on her behalf. According to the petitioner, the right of students to wear a hijab is a fundamental right guaranteed by Articles 14 and 25 of the Constitution and is an important Islamic practice. The petitioner also wants the college administration to allow her and her fellow classmates to attend classes while wearing hijab. According to the appeal, eight students who practice and profess the Islamic faith were denied admission to Udupi College. Because they wore a headscarf, these students were refused their fundamental right to education. According to the petition, the college administration’s actions are unlawful, capricious, and discriminatory.
The petitioner is represented by Shtahabish Shivanna, Arnav A Bagalwadi, and Abhishek Janardhan. By the course of this week, the first hearing should be held.


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