Campus Ambassador program​

De Lex Doctorum has launched the campus ambassador program to widen their reach to colleges, universities and students through Campus Ambassadors.  Your contribution will help achieve our common goal of assuring that the future lawyers are well-informed and aware of upcoming opportunities so that they can capitalize them for their own benefits.



Eligibility Criteria

Students who are pursuing three years or five-year law course from a recognized institution shall be eligible.



As our Campus Ambassador, you will be a part of our integral team. We are looking for students who possess the following qualities:

  • Proactive, creative, enthusiastic, hard-working and self-motivated.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Availability for the various works assigned by us.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, ensuring their timely completion.
  • Well networked and ability to engage with a variety of audience.
  • Interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media or other resources one has, to share the latest happenings amongst his/her network.
  • Organizing and resourcefulness skills will also be an added advantage.


Perks of being our Campus Ambassadors

  • A unique opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership and communication skills.
  • Recognition of active Campus Ambassadors on our website.
  • Certificate as a Campus Ambassador, which will add value to your CV.
  • Letter of Recommendation for exceptionally Well Performing Ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, Facebook pages, personal pages etc.
  • Free publications under CA’s name on our website.
  • Opportunity to contribute and implement your ideas at national and international level.
  • Internship and CV assistance.


How to Apply?

There are two ways of applying:


Type “Application for Campus Ambassador” along with your name in the space provided beside “Subject”.

Choose any one method that suits you the best and be a part of our team.

Selection Process

Applications are accepted on rolling basis. After review of applications by our experts, the selected applicants will receive their confirmation and welcome letter via email.